The beauty of a woman should be assessed not by the proportions of the body, but by the effect they produce.

Anne Lambert


The deformity of the body does not affect a beautiful soul, but the beauty of the soul is reflected on the body


flavia_lealThese and many other phrases describe the responsibility of the modern woman to please her family, herself and society. It is a constant struggle whose reward is based only on recognition. Recognition from the husband, friends, clients, for their work, their struggle and their ideals.           The struggle that women have been facing to take their place in society is unequal, and often leads them to forget their main roles: the role of being beautiful, gorgeous, attractive to their partner, a good mother and why not say, a good housewife? It seems impossible, right? But it is possible!         In a market of lectures so corrupted, we offer a personalized work that seeks to rescue the essence of women, so dispersed in a world of men. Women who have tried so hard to show that they have equal or greater capacity than the opposite sex since the industrial revolution, now with this already recognized position, have forgotten to learn to be charming and gifted.          The lecture is not a “Women’s Tea” where domestic chores and fashion trends are discussed, but much more, it is a dip in the history and soul of each participant, in search of releasing the beautiful and sexy woman that exists in each one of us.          We talk about makeup, yes! Since the speaker, Flavia Leal, does not give up showing the power of makeup, and we also talk about fashion. We talk about the problems we face, about competition with our partner and co-workers, and about all the topics that matter – or should matter – to all of us.


“No woman is so feminine that she has never played football; And not so masculine, that she has never had a PMS crisis..”

Flavia Leal.


Get rid of the paradigms, discover that men are not all the same and begin to like the great friend who lives inside your mirror.


It is necessary to bring an outfit that you would never use and any cosmetic product or makeup that you already have. Please do not buy anything for the speech, otherwise the effect will not be the same.

Write on a piece of paper everything that people observe and criticize about you and on another all the characteristics of the woman you admire the most.


During the speech, all the participants will be invited to do a basic makeup, which will be taught step-by-step. If you already know how to do makeup, take your products and crush it!


We will also talk about depression, vitamin deficiency and diseases related to this deficiency, antioxidants, quick and home remedies for hair, nails and skin, self depilation, and etc. You will never be the same again!


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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