Lymphatic Drainage – 40hs – Mon/Wed | 12 Aug
Após um estudo detalhado do sistema linfático e anatomia básica, você vai aprender e praticar as técnicas manuais da drenagem linfática em várias partes do corpo... › Read more
Glamour Included in Makeup 101 – 8hs | 10 Aug
Learn how a glamour makeup emphasizes the features of the face and disguises the less attractives, without exaggeration. Master the technique of creating a ... › Read more
Eyelash Extensions – 16hs – Mondays | 5 & 12 Aug
Learn how to apply eyelashes that last up to six months. The professional techniques that will be taught in this course can be used in your salon, esthetic or... › Read more
IPL (Photo Facial & Hair Removal) – 80hs | 5 Aug
Be a professional of one of the specialties that grows the most in the area of aesthetics. Learn how to perform IPL procedures in Hair Removal and Facial ... › Read more
Relaxing Body Treatment – 8hs | 22 & 24 Jul
Learn the main maneuvers of this treatment that is so beneficial to the human body. In this course, you will learn how to indicate... › Read more
Electrotherapy – 16hs – Mon/Wed | 22 & 29 Jul
Understand the principles and procedures of equipment such as ultrasound, cavitation exfoliation, LED, electro-muscular stimulation, etc... › Read more
Aromatherapy – 8hs – Mon/Wed | 15 & 17 July
Understands the principles of aromatherapy, what essential oils are and where they come from. Learn the methods of producing essential oils ... › Read more
Micro Needling Procell Machine – 16hs | 19 & 26 Jun
Become a Microdermabrasion professional with a US recognized certificate. Learn how to properly use the machine, how it works in... › Read more
Body Wrap – 24hs – Mon/Wed | 17 June
Learn the most popular spa treatments, including the use of mud, clays, herbs and other natural ingredients. Understand the basics of detoxification... › Read more
Eyebrow Design ADV – 16hs – Sundays | 2 & 9 Jun
Becoming an eyebrow designer is a great choice for anyone who is in search of a profitable and with growing demand profession... › Read more