Fashion Included in Makeup 101 – 16hs | 7 Sep
This course certainly emphasizes the makeup of the fashion runaways, fashion photography, movies or simply for fun. The industries of film production, television and theater rely on the specialized skills you will learn in this class. Students will be encouraged to take a model on the last day of class and photograph her for assembly of the portfolio. › Read more
Glamour Included in Makeup 101 – 8hs | 10 Aug
Learn how a glamour makeup emphasizes the features of the face and disguises the less attractives, without exaggeration. Master the technique of creating a ... › Read more
Makeup & Business Workshop RJ – Sanday | 17-Feb
You will learn everything you need to become a professional makeup artist during this intensive class, including working techniques in all areas of the art of... › Read more
Advanced Classes – 2018 16hs | Module 2 – Bridal Included in 101 – Mondays | 12-March
This class is intended for a esthetician or hairdresser who wants to learn advanced techniques for applying makeup in brides. How to compose and add bridal packages for your ... › Read more